Wisconsin Scaryland - Madison's Only Professional Haunted House



It is the year 3000, the government has accidentally released a toxic virus out into the population that has turned 95 percent of the population into zombies.  You and your 7 friends are the only ones left as far as you know.


Your group has been searching for help and shelter across Southern Wisconsin for quite some time, but your efforts have proved unsuccessful due to the burning of buildings and bodies to prevent the spreading epidemic. Finally, you reach Hotel Hugo located in Westport, Wisconsin.  The site appears untouched at first glance, the hotel and carnival still standing, and the nearby mine intact as well.

When you enter the power is out.  Lucky for you, it appears a collection of glow sticks were left behind from the carnival.  You grab them, and continue your way up in to the rooms.  However, all you have for protection from what may lie upstairs are your serum guns with the antidote and the glow sticks you grabbed on the way in.  Suddenly you are attacked!  The only hope you and your friends to get out alive is to spray the zombies with the serum contained in your guns.  Will you even find your way out of the darkness with just a glow stick for light?  Come and test your luck!