Come find out why Scaryland is the best...

Welcome to Wisconsin Scaryland

Here at Wisconsin Scaryland, you can still hear the shrill screams being ripped from the bloody victims echoing against the walls. You can hear the brutal sounds of poor souls being butchered and ground into slop. While we hope the crazed lunatics who once roamed the halls are still locked in their cells, one can never be sure in this grizzly palace of gore.

Beware the madness inside. We advise you to bring a few friends to increase your chances of making it through Wisconsin Scaryland without losing your dinner - and perhaps other body parts as well.

Follow the bloody footprints - they will lead you to safety - or deeper into Scaryland's sickening, nightmarish hell.

Come join us here at Wisconsin Scaryland, if you dare. We promise you will not find a scarier haunt in the Midwest, or perhaps the whole country. Let the spirits amaze and thrill you. Come visit the best Wisconsin haunted attraction.