Are there refunds? 

Sorry ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS; our job is to scare the living daylights out of you! If you only make it 5 feet into the haunt, then we did our job!

Is there an age limit?

YES - This is a live-actor haunt, meant to scare! Absolutely NO infants or young children. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone too young to go through. Use your discretion when bringing brave kids between 10-12 years old;  they also must be accompanied by at least one ticketed adult. Please do not leave young kids unattended or in the car, we do not offer babysitting services and NO REFUNDS for scaredy cats!

Kids 13+ may go in groups without an adult - for parents who prefer to wait in their cars, the lit parking lot is where the kids will come out - or you may have them meet you back in front of the building while you hang out in our waiting area. 

Do you have a Children's Haunt?

NO, we only have a SCARY haunt for ages 10+. For a daytime family-friendly activity, we recommend you make an appointment at Escape in Time - Escape Rooms for ages 7+. 

I am pregnant, have an injury or disability, can I still go?

It might be best to sit this one out... Haunted Houses are very physically challenging and our haunt is massive! It is a long indoor walk, with uneven surfaces and has 3 sets of stairs, plus other obstacles you may have to go through - so we do not recommend going if you are pregnant, have medical braces, crutches or are in a wheelchair. If you would like a tour of the haunt during the week, please feel free to contact us at 608.467.9530 and we will try to accommodate your request during the haunt season. However, no actors will be present during that time.

What are the prices?

Please click here for regular ticket prices.

    LARGE GROUPS: Please call us Toll-Free: 1-888-898-7191 and speak with Guy about a group discount for parties of 20 guests or more! Use #1 VIP Jump-the-Line Lane for pick up at the cashier's desk.

    Try our COFFIN RIDE FOR ONLY $5 - Experience what it feels like to be buried alive - Buy a ticket at the cashier's desk, prior to going through the haunt.

    I purchased an e-ticket online, where is it?

    In your email! There are no physical tickets, you will receive an automated  confirmation email receipt with your e-ticket order. Please ignore the shipping preferences during checkout, you will not receive a paper ticket in the mail. If you do not receive a confirmation email, check your SPAM folder 1st! If you still can't find it, your order was either not completely processed (so your card was not charged) or an incorrect email address was entered - Please contact us directly at wisconsinscaryland@gmail.com (M-F 8:30am-3pm) if this happened and we're happy to send you a new confirmation email to the correct address - otherwise you can present a valid ID at the cashier's desk during our haunt hours and we will be happy to assist you.

    How do I redeem my e-ticket(s)?

    After you make your purchase, you will be emailed a confirmation, which includes your ticket(s) and a receipt - you will need to provide this information to enter the haunt.

    Once you arrive at the haunt, stay with your entire party & get into the appropriate queue line; either the #2 Prepaid e-ticket Lane or the #1 VIP Lane for prepaid Jump-The-Line. Do not join the #3 General Admission Lane - unless you still need to buy a ticket.

    Please have your confirmation email ready on your phone and show it to the cashiers inside(make sure to show your order number, name and number of tickets from the email).

    What if I don't have a smartphone or someone purchased the ticket for me?

    Print it! If you do not have a smartphone or a parent/guardian purchased a ticket for you, you may bring a printed copy instead and provide it to the cashiers inside. The page you need to provide must include the name of the purchaser, the number of tickets purchased and the order number. All other pages are unnecessary - save a tree instead!

    What if I forgot or lost my confirmation email with my e-ticket(s)?

    No problem! If you made a valid purchase and you don't have your smartphone or confirmation email with you, please have a valid ID ready and show it to the cashiers when you get to the front of the line, they will assist you in finding your ticket(s)!

    May a group of us go through together?

    YES! We recommend groups of 6-8 for the most fun! Hearing other people in your group scream is always a blast! Groups of up to 12 guests are allowed to go through the haunt together, but some of the people at the end of the group may miss some of the scares. If you really want your large group of 10 or 12 people to go through, please put your "scaredy cats" at the end of your line.


    May I go through alone?

    Sorry, NO. Singles or lone wolf guests will be added to a group of 2 or more people. But beware - you still may not get out alive! Muah ha ha ha...

    Do you have a "Jump-the-Line" VIP pass?

    YES - We understand that some people: like Doctors, Firemen and Druglords - need to get back to their day jobs... ASAP! For such circumstances, we offer a "Jump-the-Line" VIP pass for a bit more money. This will put you in a fast line with other Doctors, Firemen and Druglords in the #1 VIP Lane.

    Will I be touched by objects or by the Actors?

    PROBABLY! This is an interactive haunt and you may get touched, bumped, poked, sprayed, etc. You are entering at your own free will; our Actors are trained to keep you safe and make sure you don't get physically hurt, however, they are also trained to scare the pants off of you!

    May I touch the Actors or the props in the haunt?

    NO - Please refrain from touching the Actors or any objects inside the haunt, this will ensure everyone stays safe!

    Do you have group discounts?

    YES! For groups of 8 or more, we offer online ONLY discount packs. Also if you enjoyed the haunt and want to go back through right away, you can purchase a re-entry ticket for just $10. We also have a season pass ticket for $120 which will give you unlimited entry into the haunt during the nights we are open. Please purchase this at the registers on site or call us Toll-Free 1-888-898-7191 (M-F) to pre-pay.

    May I use a flashlight or take pictures?

    Sorry, NO cameras, cell phones, cigarette lighters or flashlights allowed. We will confiscate them if we see you using them inside - you may retrieve them back at the cashier's desk, after you have finished the haunt tour.

    Do you have a Lost & Found?

    YES, please check in with the cashiers at the front cash registers on site to give them your name, phone number, email address, description of the item and where you think you lost it. If it has been turned in, we're happy to return your item or contact you the following day if we are able to locate it. We walk through the haunt nightly after close but the location is HUGE so please try to remember where you were when you lost your item so our staff has a better chance of finding it - otherwise it's like a needle in a haystack! You may also email us at wisconsinscaryland@gmail.com and we will respond in the next day or two. While we will make our best efforts to return your item to you, we are not responsible for lost, broken or stolen items - so please secure your belongings prior to entering the haunt. 

    Do you do fundraisers?

    YES! If your school, youth group or organization wants to sell tickets for the haunt, we will gladly share the proceeds with your group and/or cause. Email us in advance at: wisconsinscaryland@gmail.com