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After visiting Wisconsin Scaryland, you might be looking for more Haunted Houses! Check out some of the information below for ideas on great local haunts.


Milwaukee Haunted Attractions

Trying to find some really spooky things to do this Halloween? You should check out our friends in Milwaukee! The amazing Milwaukee haunted attractions will give you thrills and chills like the ones found in Madison. Only about 90 miles away, you can expand your haunt season with these other Milwaukee haunted attractions. Milwaukee haunted attractions come in all shapes and forms, from down right terrifying to fun and exciting, and you are sure to find a party or festival you can attend to get all your heart pounding terror needs.


Milwaukee Haunted Houses

If you visited Wisconsin Scaryland in Madison, and want more - these Milwaukee haunted houses are just what you need to keep your Halloween season alive (or dead).

Some of the favorite Milwaukee haunted houses include The Wisconsin Feargrounds and Dr. Scary's. These spine-chilling Milwaukee haunts will have your heart pounding, stomach dropping, and throat sore from all the screaming you are going to be doing. Steeped in history and set up to lure, these Milwaukee haunts are sure to frighten, since most are set up on haunted grounds. 


Illinois Haunted Houses

The Midwest is full of haunts sure to terrify you and make your skin crawl, and you will find that the best Illinois haunted houses are just a short ride away. About 2.5 hours from Madison, you will find dozens of major Illinois haunted houses. And they are all within screaming range of Madison's own Wisconsin Scaryland - the most terrifying haunt of all time. 

You are going to be scared to the bone at all the amazing and terrifying Illinois haunted houses like; The Statesville Haunted Prison, The Massacre Haunted House, the 2-in-1 haunt, Basement of the Dead and Shattered, The Abyss, and The Dungeon of Doom. Your heart will beat and your skin will crawl when you visit all of these exciting Illinois haunted houses.


Chicago Area Haunted Houses

So the nights have grown longer, the weather has turned bitter cold, and the wind is howling like a rabid pack of wild wolves. If you have already visited Wisconsin Scaryland in Madison, perhaps it's time for you to venture a bit further, and check out one of the many Chicago area haunted houses.

Take your pick of any of the Chicago area haunted houses, where you can find some that are freaky like the Asylum Xperiment, or ghoulish and gory like the Village of Fear. The scares are many, the fright is guaranteed, and choosing one - or all - of the Chicago area haunted houses will keep you in scares through the month of October.