Haunted History

It’s been 10 years since patient zero contracted the zombie virus.

The hoards of zombies in the streets make safe travel a forgotten memory. Those who have survived this long know the importance of finding a secure location, never staying too long, and always watching your back. 

Bunker 57 is unique. It has been a stronghold since Z-day. A former government hospital that has been fortified into a bunker.

A necessary evil in today’s lawless wasteland – Bunker 57 provides medical care, weapons, ammunition, and anything else you might want – for a price…

But nowadays, it's a tossup whether the Zombies or the Humans are scarier. At least the Zombies make sense. The humans can never be trusted, and with resources scarce, people are on edge.


If all Hell breaks loose, the basement of the bunker attaches to an abandoned salt mine that can be used as an emergency exit out of the Bunker if needed.

The salt mine winds its way underground, and empties out into the outskirts of town - about 2 miles away - smack dab in the middle of an abandoned amusement park.

Unfortunately, the Mine and the Amusement Park are not secure and will most likely be infested with Zombies.

You and your group need to safely get into Bunker 57, acquire information and ammunition and get out.

But be vigilant – as of late, the zombie strain has mutated, and it seems more contagious than ever. Former strongholds have become infected from the inside and finding a safe place to rest is getting harder and harder.