Wisconsin Scaryland Haunted House Reviews

Wisconsin Scaryland was voted one of the Midwest's Best Haunted Houses in 2014, the coveted Top 5 Wisconsin Haunts in 2015, the #1 Haunt in 2016, the #2 haunted house in 2017, and #1 in 2018!

Wisconsin Scaryland is sure to entertain you! With an updated theme, this year's indoor haunt now takes even longer to get through and has amazing props and detail - including a VORTEX TUNNEL! 

WISCONSIN SCARYLAND is a World Class haunted attraction, exclusively designed by HALLOWEENFX. 

"If being immersed in an interactive and believable haunt is what you are searching for - you will LOVE Wisconsin Scaryland. The haunt is not only beautiful and scary, it is large and sprawling, giving the guests enough time to become totally immersed in the experience. It felt like the haunt went on and on with bigger and better surprises around every corner!"  – Steve A. STUDIOF.COM

 "Wisconsin Scaryland has to be one of the freakiest and most incredibly realistic haunts in the USA. The attention to detail and the realism involved goes way beyond what I am accustomed to seeing in other haunted attractions. It is on par with the greatest haunts ever made." – Sara N. FAUX FINISH, INC.

 "As a fellow prop builder, I have to say that Wisconsin Scaryland is over-the-top with their animatronics and pneumatic scare props. They are works of art!" – Dave T. CALIFORNIA HAUNT PROPS

"The wife and I are HUGE fans of Halloween and love to experience all the haunted attractions we can when the season rolls around. In 2014 we went to Florida in early October and got to experience 16 pro-haunts and Busch Gardens How-O-Scream and Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. After coming back to Wisconsin we did several of the local haunts around Madison. We can honestly say Wisconsin Scaryland exceeded our expectations after experiencing all the multi-million dollar haunts in the theme park capital of the world (Orlando). Right from the beginning it is apparent that the attention to detail goes above and beyond your typical “haunted house” and truly makes this a haunted attraction worth seeing. The atmosphere is SO CREEPY that at times members of our group were trying to switch places and use each other to hide behind. Lol The lighting, rooms, props and actors all come together wonderfully to create an extremely haunting experience. I know this year (2015) they are lowering the ticket prices and adding a HUGE addition to the haunt. We are very excited to go again this year and looking forward to all the new additions! I highly recommend Wisconsin Scaryland if you are looking for a fun and frightening time this Halloween!!" - MADCITY

"I've never been so scared in all of my life! It was amazing!" - Renee H.

"All around the best haunted house I've ever been to. Professional sxf makeup, animated props, super detailed rooms including smell, and awesome actors who do more than just jump scare - this really is a professional haunt worth checking out." - Justice M.W.

"If you're caught between going to Wisconsin Scaryland and Wisconsin Fear Grounds, first of all, I recommend both- highly. They are two similar but different experiences, however for someone who isn't a Halloween buff and just wants one haunted house to go to for the season, here are some pros and cons from both that my boyfriend and I noticed when attending this weekend:
Wisconsin Scaryland- PROS: Fantastic atmosphere from outside to inside, not a long wait despite how packed it was, they make you feel completely alone with your group in the house (takes 40 Ish minutes to get through), and interaction with the actors is nothing short of brilliant if you take the time to talk with them and observe.
CONS: It was only 40 minutes, but you got the bang for your buck, without knowing the storyline beforehand it seemed random (so check out its back story online!), and if you don't really take your time you don't get a lot out of it. If you're a runner and you just avoid everything, this isn't the one for you.
Wisconsin Fear Grounds- PROS: It's three houses that take up a total of about an hour. Jump scares- all jump scares. Only dialog we found was in the last house, otherwise it was all scares meant to make you scream. So, if you like that, here you go. It's only about $10 per house per person, and it's worth. The wit of their titles also did not go unnoticed. (I didn't register that the horse stable was named "UnStable" right away. Bravo!)
CONS: Repeated dialog. If I hear that clown say, "You can't see me, but be assured, I can see you!"again, I'll really fit in with the last house (UnStable). Cluttered houses, which honestly are more disorienting than scary. When there's too much in a room, it takes the spook out and replaces it with confusion, which is an okay objective of one or two rooms, but not a continual theme. Lastly, too many of one prop. We saw a lot of the same dead bodies, heads, and entrails that we had to go through which was a little numbing.
In conclusion, go to both if you get the chance! In total for two people, our weekend was about $100, and was well worth it. If you want one for a night out though, choose according to your personality. Wisconsin Scaryland's appeal is highly in the dialog and immersing you in this messed-up story, where none of the characters understand truly how horrific they are. Wisconsin Fear Grounds, on the other hand, is about making your heart pound, then skip a beat as another clown jumps at you. Also, this one's very popular, so get there early because the lines fill up fast and the wait does get long for the last house.
Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps people with their spooky adventures!" -
Chris I.

"Right down to breathing on the back of your neck, having your feet touched as you walk by, continuously looking over your shoulder and the scent of ... well you'll just have to find out for yourself, but it puts ALL of your senses on high alert!!!" - Stephen L.

"I go to many haunted houses. i have created and manned some. This is the best I've seen yet...worth every penny." - Mary Ann S.

"Haunted house that I, honestly, didn't think much of at first glance. Going inside was a different story though. The attention to detail was great, the scenes unnerving, and the themes were fantastic. 5 stars from me. I think I'll have to come back later in the season." - Kendall M.

"People call my house the halloween house year round, and thats because my family decorates for the season and leaves it out for the spirit.
My family has always had a hard time finding a good haunt, something that will actually spook us. Well, thanks to WI Scaryland, we have found one! Two years in a row so far and we've had members run screaming, who usually stay and laugh or check out the art. After 19 years, i can say I found what inspires my halloween, thank you Wisconsin Scaryland!" -
Sonnet S.

"Omg....awesome. I just went through and I am out of breath. I was not informed going in that the actors could touch you....which made it 100 times creepier....and almost got an actor kneed in the buys so you might want to warn everyone at the ticket counter. The smells in the different rooms are indescribable. Definitely worth the admission. I didn't think I would ever get out of there!!!" - Amy H.

"The attention to details is amazing! I literally wanted to stop and look at everything! And then another undead person jumped out, and yea I ran away! Awesome job guys!" - Lisa C.

"We took a behind the scenes tour in January and we were totally blown away!!!! This is gonna be the best thing that has happened to Madison for awhile!" - Jaynee B.T.


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Madison, WI Haunted House

If you are looking for the absolute best Madison, WI haunted house, then Wisconsin Scaryland is for you. It will literally blow your mind! It is one of the most terrifying and incredible Midwest haunts. Scaryland is a total freakfest that will have you screaming, while totally immersed in horrifying fun.

Wisconsin Scaryland is not only huge, but also incredibly realistic, with all of the amazing animatronic and pneumatic props a great haunt should have. Scaryland will have your stomach dropping and heart stopping at every turn. The fact that the haunt itself is steeped in brutal history, and is actually haunted by hundreds of lost souls that were slain and ground-up in the infamous meat grinder, will have your skin crawling, stomach heaving, and your nerves frayed. Scaryland is the perfect Madison, WI haunted house!